Sales Development Representative Lead

You have experience in sales or business development helping people get started with a technical product. As the first member of our outbound business development team, your job is three-fold: Generate and prospect leads for the sales team, (2) lead and train other members of the sales development team, and (3) take on operational and administrative tasks to help the sales development team perform.



Note on Compensation

As you use the compensation calculator below, please bear in mind that for this role the calculated compensation represents your On Target Earnings (OTE). You will typically get 60% as base, and 40% as bonus based on monthly number of Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) generated. Furthermore, you should use "Lead" as the level. Also see the Sales Compensation Plan.


Annual Compensation

How did we calculate your compensation?

NYC benchmark $92,000
Rent Index --
Hot Market Adjustment --
Level 1.0
Experience 0.8 to 1.2
Contract Type --
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