Production Lead

The Production Lead reports to the Director of Infrastructure. Production engineers report to the Production Lead.


Why Parity?

If we don't translate our learnings from running and scaling (the largest GitLab-EE installation) into a default setting we will be making really expensive mistakes.

Consider the GitLabFan case when a customer tried to import his projects into an on-premise installation and found multiple blockers in the way, including one that simply should not be there: limitation of 10 projects per user.

This frustrated this customer, and he/she is right, we can do much better. All exceptions should be documented on the settings page no later than they are deployed.

NOTE In the compensation calculator below, fill in "Lead" in the Level field for this role.


Annual Compensation

How did we calculate your compensation?

NYC benchmark $110,295
Rent Index --
Hot Market Adjustment --
Level 1.0
Experience 0.8 to 1.2
Contract Type --
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