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Expenses While Traveling

  1. The company will cover all work-related travel expenses. This includes lodging and meals during the part of the trip that is work-related. Depending on the distance of your travel, it can also include one day before and one day after the work related business. For example, if you are attending a 3 day conference in a jetlag-inducing location, the company will cover your lodging and meals those 3 days as well as one day before and one day after.
  2. The company can accommodate custom requests. It is OK to stay longer on your trip. However, the extra days will not be covered by the company.
  3. Understand that the guidelines of Spending Company Money, especially the part about spending it like it is your own money, still apply for all expenses.
  4. Always bring a credit card with you when traveling for company business if you have one.
  5. Hotels will generally expect you to have a physical credit card to present upon check-in. This credit card will be kept on file for the duration of your stay. Even if your lodging was pre-paid by the company or by using a company credit card, the Hotel may still require a card to be on file for "incidentals".
  6. If you incur any work-travel related expenses (on your personal card or a GitLab company card), please make sure to save the original receipt.
  7. When your trip is complete, please file an expense report via Expensify or include the receipts on your next monthly invoice.

Self Stay Incentive Policy

If you decide to stay with friends or family instead of a hotel / Airbnb for a business trip, the company will pay you 50% of what would have been the cost of a reasonable hotel. This is in keeping with our values of frugality and freedom, and intended to reward you for saving company money on accommodation expenses. Contractors should take a screenshot of a hotel search from the same location in Egencia and submit this along with your expense report or invoice. Employees will be paid through payroll by submitting the screenshot by email to People Operations for processing.

Booking travel and lodging with Egencia

Before booking any flights please ensure that you have the proper visas in place.

Setting up your Egencia account

Below is some more information to help you get set up with your Egencia account.

  1. You will receive an email from Egencia with your username. (Contact People Ops if you do not receive anything).
  2. With the link, from step one in this email, you can set a new secure password.
  3. Once you are in your dashboard, setup your info in your profile (see link at top right corner of page).
  4. Make sure to add your phone number in all three "phone number" fields (it can be the same number).
  5. Add your passport information to your profile (only passport information is accepted in Egencia at this time), this will populate your info directly when booking a flight.
  6. Now let's start booking!

Booking travel through Egencia

If you book through Egencia, the costs will be added to the GitLab invoice and no credit card is needed.

  1. Please note that some budget airlines might not show in Egencia, so make sure to check those to be sure there is no better option out there. (SouthWest, JetBlue, etc.).
  2. Login to your account. If you've not yet set up your account, do this first.
  3. The dashboard gives you the option to start a booking directly. The options are to book flights, train tickets, hotels, or rental cars.
  4. Input info for the flight you want to book.
  5. Select your favorite option for the outbound flight. Please note that our policy is that you can book up to $250 over the cheapest flight option. Booking more than $250 over that amount will flag "out of policy" and requires approval.
  6. Select your return (inbound) flight.
  7. Read & check the box "I have read and accept the rules and restrictions". Now you have the possibility to "continue to checkout" or "add more items to this trip" such as another flight, a hotel reservation or booking a car.
  8. Select "continue to checkout" if you just want to book the flight.

Note: Once a flight is booked, re-routing is at person’s own cost unless requested by the company or force majeure (in the latter case often the airline will cover the difference).

Checkout flight only

  1. Enter your passport information in the "Secure flight" window. This will be pre-populated if you have previously setup your profile correctly. At this point, you do have the option of using your US drivers license for domestic flights within the US.
  2. Enter home, work, and mobile phone number (they can be the same number). This will be pre-populated if you already set up your profile before.
  3. Enter your seat preferences and frequent flyer program info if wanted.
  4. Enter your reason for booking, this is required for every booking.

Continue adding a hotel or car

Under "add more items to this trip" you can select what you want to add.

  1. The platform auto populates your info based on your flight.
  2. To add a hotel:
    • You will get a window including a map with all hotel options.
    • On the top right you can filter based upon preferences
    • Click on a hotel to get more information
    • To go back to the overview of hotels click on X in the top right corner
    • To choose the hotel room click on the price
    • When choosing the hotel you will go to an overview of the costs and hotel info
  3. To add a car:
    • You will get a window with your car options
    • On the top of the window you can sort on price
    • To select a car click "select"
    • When choosing the car you will go to an overview of the costs and rules/restrictions info Now you once again have the possibility to "continue to checkout" or "add more items to this trip" such as another flight

Checkout flight and hotel and/or a car

You will get a total overview of what is booked. You can see that the hotel and/or car are awaiting confirmation of the third party that will be booked once you checkout.

Options in Egencia

Please send a message to People Ops if you need help in booking your travel.

Booking shows Out of Policy

Booking accommodations through Airbnb