Tagging Tickets

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Tag tickets

To be able to capture metrics on which topics are most frequently asked about, when you start on a ticket, add tags to it.

Currently, the tags that are in use are:

Tag Locker

The above tags can be added to tickets using the Tag Locker app. We use Tag Locker instead of Zendesk's own tagging function since there are tags that are automatically appended to tickets and which trigger certain actions (such as proper SLA settings). Therefore, it is important not to be able to remove certain tags.

Tag Locker can be found on the right side when viewing a ticket. Click the menu button or search for a tag and click the tag text.

Tag Locker

Adding tags

To add a new tag this list, create a merge request to update this page, and assign the merge request to a Zendesk admin, since admin privileges are required to make tags in Tag Locker.