Sales Onboarding

When a GitLab salesperson starts they will need to complete a 4 week intensive sales bootcamp.

Their manager will create an issue for each of the 4 weeks to track their progress by copying the content from the raw Markdown source.

Weekly Planning

Create a weekly study plan to make sure you understand all the theory content and complete all the tests.

Week 1

Theory: GitLab University - Beginner.


Week 2

Theory: GitLab University - Intermediate.


Week 3

Theory: GitLab University - Advanced.


Week 4


Supporting Material

  1. Our Sales Handbook
  2. Step-by-step demo script
  3. Sales Best Practices Training
  4. Our Sales Agenda
  5. EE Product Qualification Questions
  6. Client Demo of GitLab with Job and Haydn
  7. Recorded Practice Sales Demos
  8. GitLab University Google Drive
  9. Getting Technical Support