GitLab Offboarding

Before starting an offboarding issue, make sure that the team member's resignation or termination has been discussed and cleared with at least the member of the executive team to whom the team member (in)directly reports. For involuntary terminations, make yourself familiar with the guidelines in the People Operations handbook.

When it is time for offboarding, create a new confidential issue for former team member using the offboarding template using the dropdown, and edit it for applicability to the individual. Please update the checklist as more steps arise.

Managing the Offboarding Tasks

Returning property to GitLab

As part of offboarding, any GitLab property needs to be returned to GitLab. GitLab will pay for the shipping either by People Ops sending a FedEx shipping slip or it can be returned by another mutually agreed method. If property is not returned, GitLab reserves the right to use a creditor company to help retrieve the property.

FedEx info for the team member

Pull up the departing contributors home address. Find a Fedex location close to them. Then follow the template below.

"Hi [Name of team member]

The closest Fedex to you is located on [full street address, city, state, zip code]. Driving or walking directions can be found here: [enter link from “mapping home location to the Fedex location”]

Once there you can use Fedex boxes that you need and do the following actions:

  1. Package the equipment in the box
  2. Send package to GitLab HQ in San Francisco
  3. Mark on the invoice "Bill Recipient"
  4. Our Fedex number is: [find the number in Secretarial Vault in 1Password]
  5. Provide People Ops the tracking number via email

Please let People Ops know if you have any questions."


  1. How could this outcome have been avoided?
  2. Were there early signs that were missed?
  3. In retrospect, what questions should have been asked to bring awareness and ownership to performance issues? For example, "How would you compare yourself relative to your peers?" People are surprisingly honest here.