Week 1

Regular Onboarding Duties

Day 1 1Password


Day 2 People Ops Information

Take a look at the "Reference Customers" Google doc to familiarize yourself with which customer information should be kept confidential within the company. You can find it by logging into your Google Drive account and searching for "Reference Customers".

Other onboarding tasks (Beamy, schedule coffee break calls, add yourself to the team page, etc.)

Week 1-2 Technical Onboarding

Download Git Stage 1: Become familiar with git and GitLab basics

Cover the Beginner and Intermediate sections (and a few Advanced) in the GitLab University ( Under the topic of Git

Perform each of the following Installation Methods ( on your preferred test environment you chose above:

Week 3

In the Sales Folder, familiarize yourself with: Our Sales Agenda ( Competition (

Week 4

Understanding the Competition (Competition (

Understand Integrations

Migrations from other Version Control Systems

Integrating with GitLab

Ways to Integrate

If you want to integrate with GitLab there are three possible paths you can take:

Solutions Architect Pre sales activities

Solutions Architect Post sales activities

Demo Scenarios You will be required to demo to team all demo scenarios specific to customer/prospect requirements in mock style showing business value

Get on marketings weekly webinar rotation calendar to deliver demo